Monday, June 4, 2012

Guest Rec - SassyGeminiMom

My guest rec is for:  Zombie Killer of the Week by Lulu M

Selfishness was a disease, and it was spreading across the surfaces of the Earth, populating every corner and affecting every person. There was no hiding from it. The only thing left to do was run, but most people were not able to escape its grasp.

Zombies had taken over the world.

And so begins the journey into this fic which isn't slash per se but rather hack and slash.  Yes, you read correctly.  The characters from Twlight have been sucked into an alternative universe where they must survive the Zombie Apocolypse.

What Lulu M does with this story is just shy of brilliance in creativity.  Outside of the very first chapter where she lays the groundwork for the story, each chapter features one of the Twilight characters and an 'exerpt' from their story of survival.  Each chapter moves the story along beautifully, as the characters meet and interact as well.

A work in progress, with however rare updates, her raw language at times and 'real' looks into the characters - the zombie killers - is fresh, intriguing and hooks you into the characters she portrays.

ZKOW Reference Recap:

1) Angela—never been kissed

2) Mike—coward

3) Tyler—killed zombies with his truck

4) Lauren—a fucking bitch

5) Jessica—runs around naked

6) Ben—always helpful but doesn't trust anyone

7) Emily—scarred face

8) Seth—kick-ass, baby-faced kid

9) James and Victoria—scary motherfuckers

10) Sam—a great leader

11) Jane—plain evil

12) Mr. and Mrs. Cheney—found love in a chaotic world

ZKOW is a well-written intriguing look into the souls of the characters we love, set under extreme duress, and acting in the ways we all wished they would have really acted in the Twilight Series.

Exciting, fun and full of suspense, ZKOW is as entertaining as it tells a fantastic story.

And besides ... Who doesn't love zombies?

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