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Tuesday's Best 6-26-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope your day's going well. I'm sure y'all are more than ready for a little reading break and Connie and MizzDee know just how to fill it. Let's get started, shall we?

I went digging in my favorites and I’m taking a trip down memory lane, as you call it.
Darkira has been away from the Twilight Fandom for a long time now, way too long if you ask me.
I was lucky to find some of her original work and read it last week, I love it, just as much as I love her fics.
So here we are, let me share with you Find You Worthy, if I could recommend her whole profile I would, trust me. But we have to narrow it down so I’m choosing my all time favourite from her list, you can go a read them all if you want :)

I was an angel on one side, yes. I knew I could have looked perfect. My body was, mostly, just that. But the left side of my face was scarred. I had been in an accident when I was ten and I refused to get plastic surgery

Jasper is a broken man, a scarred man in more ways than one. He doesn’t resent his parents for listening to him when after the accident he said he did not want to get plastic surgery.
He doesn’t resent his more than perfect sister Rosalie, with her angelic smile.
He lives a simple life, runs his own bookstore together with his sister and Leah.
Still, he hides behind that scar, behind that mask and doesn’t let anyone come close. Even though feeling close to someone, to have someone to share his life with is what he wants the most.
One meeting can change it all for Jasper and for Edward Cullen too.

"Jasper, this is Edward Cullen, he's looking for a book for his father for his birthday. Some old anatomy guide?"
"Gray's Anatomy?" I asked the guy and he nodded, a bit stunned still. "I'm sorry, Leah is new so she doesn't yet know everything by heart." I grinned, knowing that it made the contrast on my face even stronger.
Honestly I don't know where I got the courage. Edward Cullen was pretty stunning. Maybe it was because I was speaking of a book. Something I know more thoroughly than probably most people I knew. I was in my environment, my shop, and even if he was gorgeous I always knew that there was absolutely nobody that would have me.

Opposites attract right? Here we have Edward Cullen, the trust fund baby. The one that never had to think twice about consequences or take into account what other people might feel or think. No, don’t hate him, he is just lost. At twenty nine he is thinking about getting his life in order, something his father has been asking for quite a while now.

My name is Edward Cullen. Emphasis on the last name, I'm afraid. I was born with all the money my top notch general surgeon dad and a best seller novelist mom had gathered. My life was always pretty darn easy and I always got what I wanted from them.
I use it to this day.
My sister, Alice, she's a bit better. No, actually she's a lot better. She cares, gives back and doesn't take things for granted.
I'm twenty-nine. Just turned. I have year to get my act together, because we have an agreement. They give us time until we are thirty and then they cut us off of our allowance. We're the official trust fund kids.
Or I am. Alice is twenty-six and has had a steady teaching job in a kindergarten for over two years now. She makes the kind of living she wants to make.
I don't do anything I don't want to. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to grow up. How to become the man I know my parents would like me to be.

The effect Jaspers has on Edward is powerful and in an instant. Can Edward leave his shallowness behind? Find the time to know the man behind the mask, behind the scars?

His face...I had never seen anyone so beautiful in my life. Trust me, that's a lot.
I swallowed hard and tried to stop staring. That's when he turned his face fully towards me.
I felt like...like the rug had just been pulled from beneath my feet. There was no such thing as perfect, that was what my mother always said.
This man, Jasper... One side of his face was perfect. He was stunning. The other side was different. It was scarred.
I gathered myself and nodded when he asked the right question. I managed to speak to him without staring too much. The scars weren't that deep, but they were clearly from burns. They were old, very old, so they might have been severe when it had happened. I wanted to ask him why he hadn't had anything done to them. Modern plastic surgery could have made him look a lot better.
Then I suddenly mentally kicked myself. How could he look any better than he already did? The man was perfection! Come on now! The scars on the other hand weren't. Somehow the hideous marks on his face just made him more beautiful.

I can’t praise Darkira’s writing enough, it is flawless. And don’t panic we get to the smexy times and trust me you will love it!
The story is complete of course, but even if our author is not around the fandom as much as she used to, leave some love for her.
If you are interested in reading her OF let me know and I can point you in the right direction.
I will bring something new next week, right now go read and enjoy! ;)


Hello my loves. Today I’m bringing you another amazing one-shot featuring the ever gorgeous Jasper and Carlisle by one of my absolute favorites. Written for the Driven to Desire contest, Just an Interview by KellanCougar shows us that no matter how prepared you are, one great looking man could, almost literally, drive you to your knees.


Interviews can be nerve wracking… how to dress, what to say. Everything is scrutinized and you’re trying your hardest not to come off like a stuttering idiot.

Jasper didn’t have that problem, though. He knew he wanted a better life for himself and, once he saw the job posting, he knew he needed to reach out and take it.

He was ready. He laid out his best suit and his polished shoes and he had answers prepared for any question the interviewer could ask him. He wasn’t going to let this slip through his fingers.

Once he was there, he was told he’d have to pass a group interview first before he could move on to the main interview.

He was a little uneasy but still ready. That was until the candidates were led into the room.

We filed in like children into morning assembly, nobody speaking, everyone keeping their eyes front. It was only when I was unbuttoning my jacket and sitting down that I first noticed the other man sitting silently in the room.

I only glanced at him momentarily, but it was enough to catch his eye. He held my gaze a fraction longer than I expected, and I had to remind myself to breathe, feeling a childish blush threaten.

Feeling the stranger’s gaze in my mind, I felt my collar tighten, and I resisted the urge to run a finger round it, my clothes feeling altogether too restrictive. I felt clumsy and inarticulate in his immaculate, polished presence.

Flicking my eyes to the right, my breath caught and my skin prickled.

He was watching me.

The test Jasper had been given was nothing… easy and he finished early.

Unfortunately, now he had nothing to distract him from the silent and gorgeous man sitting directly across from him. He could feel the man’s eyes on him but he was too nervous to look. But resisting proved to be too much. He just had to peek.

I had to be imagining the gaze that I felt focused on my fingers. I carried on floating the pencil until eventually I lifted my gaze just a fraction, peering at him under my lashes; he was smiling, his head slightly cocked to the side. I flushed and hoped he thought I was just embarrassed at being caught. The truth was that I had been struck by the incredible chameleonic colour of his eyes. They changed from blue to green in the light from the windows, and I wondered what it would be like to sink into them, to lean in to kiss him and watch the storm clouds gather there…

Jasper needed to get out of that room and, with the group interview over, his wish was granted. During his short break, he was able to calm himself down and prepare for the main interview. That was until he learned two very unsettling facts.

Mr Felix Volturi and Mr Carlisle Cullen were to interview us for the post.

The final bombshell was that Mr Cullen would be the manager of the successful applicant up on floor ten.

Jasper was in trouble and he knew it.

Heated blue/green eyes found mine when his name was announced. I felt a shudder of longing and in that moment, for the sake of my career, I prayed for the Volturi guy as my interviewer.

But Jasper’s luck just ran out.

The envelopes slid along the table, I slit mine open and read the typed message:

‘Mr J Whitlock, your interview will be at 11:00 with Mr Carlisle Cullen & Mr Felix Volturi in room 7 on Floor 3. Please be prompt.’

I groaned inwardly.


With the growing tension, how is Jasper going to survive the most important interview of his life? Will he get the job and be working side by side with the gorgeous Carlisle Cullen?

You, of course, must read to find out.


KellanCougar definitely delivers the sexual tension in this amazing piece of work. So much so that I was ready to offer my services to help poor Jasper get some much needed relief. Go on… read this awesome one-shot and see if you aren’t squirming as much as Jasper by the end. Once you’re done, take a minute and leave her some love. She definitely deserves it. Also, if you haven’t yet, I strongly recommend reading everything my girl has to offer. You will not be sorry. Until next time…much love – D


There you have it, folks. Two great stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love, and check back next week to see what Connie and I have in store for you

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