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Guest Rec - SweetDulci

Slash rec - from SweetDulcinea
What Matters by Strae
After one horny night alone with a webcam, Edward enters a surprisingly intimate friendship with a stranger online. He someday plans to meet this 'Jazz' girl he's become so oddly enraptured with; too bad Jazz isn't exactly a 'girl'.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 12 - Words: 76,062 - Reviews: 1541 - Updated: 9-10-11 - Published: 8-12-10 - Edward & Jasper

It’s funny - I always look for slash pairings other than Edward and Jasper.  Canon-wise, it doesn’t really make sense to me.  Jasper/Peter.  Edward/Carlisle.  Even Edward/Emmett or Jasper/Emmett.  Based on their interactions we saw in the books, I have a harder time finding a connection between Edward and Jasper than the other relationships in the stories.  But still... I love both characters, and with the abundance of E/J fics available in the fandom, it’s hard not to fall into them every once in a while.  Especially one this good!

Like many canon, non-canon, and slash stories in the Twific community, this one has many of the elements of new love, first times, and self-discovery...including the “I didn’t know I was gay until I met you theme.”  While these devices can sometimes make me wary of a story, they also hold an element of intrigue and interest.  A desire to see how the author lets it play out, and if it’s something believable, something that will get you wrapped up in the characters and feel every hint of excitement and hesitation they experience.  This fic nailed it.

Feeling slightly bored and as a bit of an exhibitionist, Edward literally lets it all hang out one night for an unknown audience as he gives a little webcam wank show.  One particular view,  “Jazzy,” catches his attentions through the comments to his performance, and they begin instant messaging on a daily basis.  Under the assumption Jazz is a Jasmine, Edward develops feelings for her.  Feelings he wants to pursue when he graduates from college and moves back to Port Angeles with his parents.  Despite living in Seattle, Jazz doesn’t think meeting would be a good idea, but you know Edward.  He’s a persistent little fucker.

You know that can’t be good, right?

So Edward uses his powers of deduction from the little bits and pieces Jazz has told him, and goes in search.  When he finds a dude - Jasper, not Jasmine - he’s a little hurricane of emotions.  But what’s this?  He still has some feels, even after this discovery.  Oh my.

Where it goes from there is an absolute roller coaster.  They are already attached to one another, and an undercurrent of UST is constantly thickening the air and confusing the ever-living-hell out of Edward.  Jasper is a strong, firm gay man, but he puts his heart on the line with Edward; he has so much to lose.  Edward realizes things about himself, such as a possible reason why there was always something off with the only girl he ever truly loved.  Why he loved fucking girls, but always craved something more.  He’s not who he always believed himself to be, and at every turn, loop, hill, and valley, Jasper is challenging him with something, be it spoken or unspoken.  Edward is challenging himself, too.  And with it all, Jasper is on a journey of his own.

I really enjoy this story because the progress moves quickly, but the plot isn’t forced or rushed.  It’s fun, exciting, and insanely hot.  My hands down, absolute favorite chapter is early on when Edward and Jasper decide they’ll try to be friends, but before they really develop into anything more.  Edward challenges Jasper to jack off in front of the webcam, since he’s never done it, and Jasper takes him up.  Edward’s reaction certainly surprises himself, and when he’s left with a raging stiffy afterward, Jasper volunteers to help out.  What follows had me squirming, smirking, and giggling like the immature woman I am on the inside.  No denying I’ve reread that chapter quite a few times.

Best of all, this is a well-rounded course for both characters, including their physical and romantic relationship, the reactions of the friends and family, and how each of their lives change and grow.  All I can say is soooooo good.  From one slash lover to another, I firmly believe this is a must read.  Rawr!

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