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Tuesday's Best 6-5-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope you're all having a wonderful day, so far. Are you ready for a little break? Connie and MizzDee have found a couple of awesome stories they're just dying to share with you, so why don't we get right to it, shall we?


Hello ladies, how´s everyone doing today?

I´m sharing with you a story from les16, a writer with whom I fell in love long ago trough her canon E&B story The Path We Choose.

Drop In tells the story of Edward, a 29 year old photographer who turns into a bit of a workaholic to avoid getting over the break up with his ex.

"Maybe you'll meet some hot ski instructor while you're there," she tells me with a giggle and a tip of her head.

I slide the file into my laptop bag and this time I really do scowl in annoyance. "I'm working, not looking for a hook-up," I tell her, a bit more forcefully than necessary, purposely keeping my mind from wandering to the subject in the file in my bag. As if I've been able to do anything but for the past two weeks.

"Whatever, Edward," she waves dismissively. "You and Oliver broke up over four months ago. It's time for you to put yourself out there again."

Edward´s new assignment is to interview Jasper Hale, a 21 year old snowboarder taking part in the Winter X Games. But the problem is that Edward can´t keep his mind from wondering, or dreaming about the guy.

He's been the star of every dream, every fantasy, every thought while jacking off in the shower and in two days, I'll get to see if the hair, the eyes, the smile, and fuck me, the body, are as impressive in person as they are in print and on TV.

And dream he does, a hot as hell daydream while driving, you don’t want to miss.

On the other side of town, Rose is giving Jasper the same advice Edward got from her assistant.

"Ready for your photo shoot tomorrow?" Rose broke me out of my reverie. I turned to answer her and found a smirk on her face.

"Ugh, don't remind me. I have no idea what to expect." The photo shoot came with the honor of having a write-up done about me. I'm actually really nervous about it. I park the car and get out, going around to the back to get my board.

"Maybe the photographer will be a cute guy," Rose says with a wink.

"Shhh! Rose, don't say that shit out here."

"Lighten up, Jas. No one's even around. You need to find a guy and relieve some tension."

Will these two finally meet and make Edward’s dream come true?

We're in his room and he steps up behind me, so close that I can feel his chest press against my back. He runs his face up the side of my neck and whispers in my ear, "I'm gonna make you feel so good, Jasper. Do you want that?"

Short, sweet and sexy. Hope you enjoy reading; don’t forget to leave some love for les16 while you are there.

I’m going to start packing now as I am going to Vegas this week for the 2012 TwiFic Meet Up, if you are attending too, come find me, I´m bringing a couple of bottles of the best Argentinean wine to share with you all.

If I don´t see you in Vegas, I´ll see you all back here next week.

Have a great week.



Hello my loves. Edward and Jasper return today in Let It Be Me by Beautiful Figment . This is a story about finding friendship and love and doing what it takes to keep it forever. Let’s follow them on their little journey, shall we?


Edward Masen, the poor kid from Chicago, immediately becomes an outcast in his new school after he and his mother move to the small town of Forks. He’s picked on, laughed at, ridiculed and tormented every day until, one day, someone steps up and offers Edward the one thing he wants… A friend.

Jasper Hale sees things in Edward that others don’t and he refuses to watch any longer as classmates torture the sweet boy.  Deciding to finally approach him, Jasper finds Edward in a stairwell, crying and speaks his first words to Edward.

"You look like you could use a friend."

Suspicious at first, Edward asks Jasper why he would want to be his friend. Jasper has only one response that makes sense.

"Let's just say that I know what it's like to be different."

And he does. Jasper Hale and his family are vampires, living a quiet life in Forks. They’re worried that Jasper’s friendship with Edward will expose their family, but Jasper doesn’t care. As he and Edward form a close bond, their feelings for each other move past the boundaries of normal friendship.

I was helplessly, irrevocably in love with him.

I wanted to tell him as much as I continued to stroke the beautiful artery in his neck.

Instead, I just sighed his name.

His fingers slipped on the keys of the piano, creating a disjointed jangle of notes as he closed his eyes, leaning into the barely there touch of my finger. I replaced my finger with my mouth, brushing my lips across the sensitive skin there as he hitched in a breath. When his fingers slipped into my hair, I turned his head to properly kiss him, earning another hitched breath.

It was glorious.

From that day forward, Jasper did nothing to hide their relationship and, when Edward became the target of the school’s bullies, Jasper became his protector, making sure his love would remain safe.

After a fight broke out at school and an argument with a very unforgiving mother, Edward found himself kicked out of his home and living with Jasper, where he quickly learned his family’s secret.

Now that Edward knows who they really are, will he still accept and love Jasper as much as before? Or will he run and leave Jasper heartbroken? Most teenagers are faced with such important dilemmas like which clothes to wear, who to hang out with and what to do on a Friday night. Edward’s decision is much more difficult as he tries to decide between a life of happiness or an eternity of love.


Beautiful Figment gives us a sweet story about the bonds of friendship and the power of love. The lesson is simple – with love by your side, you can make it through any obstacle in life and be happier than you ever dreamed in the end. Go and check out this story and leave our great author some love. She deserves it. Until next time…much love – D

There you have it, folks. Two great tales to sink your teeth into. Be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love, and check back next week to see what Connie and I have in store for you.

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