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Tuesday's Best 6-19-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! Are you as ready for a break as I am? MizzDee and I found some great stories we're itching to share with you, so pull up a chair and we'll get right to it. 


Hello my loves. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and this little story caught my eye. Blur by upsidedownntwisted takes my very favorite couple, Edward and Jasper, and puts them in one very interesting position. Let’s see what they’ve been up to, shall we?


Have you ever gone out for an innocent night of fun and drinking and woke up the next morning with no memory of it at all?

It could have been a good night, right?

For Jasper, waking up with no memory and a massive hangover wasn’t his idea of fun.

Unfortunately, that’s not all he woke up with.

"Fuck me!" I groan looking at my wrist. Gently I pull away the bandage and see a freshly inked tattoo staring back at me.

And was that all??  No.

“This can’t be fucking happening.” I mutter staring at the nightmare reflection. But no matter how much I denied the obvious this was reality, and the reality was, I got my fucking dick and balls pierced.

If that wasn’t enough, he had another little surprise waiting for him.

Groaning I carefully put my pants back on and go to wash my hands and that's when I notice it, a phone number written in green marker, underneath there was the following caption, "Can't wait to try it out ~E."

Who the hell was E  and why did he have his phone number? Well Jasper wasn’t going to wait to find out.

I'm still pissed at myself last night but I decide I'm going to get answers and I dial the only clue I fucking got.

"Hello." A sexy ass voice answers, I moan to myself silently as I fight my dick's reaction to it.

"Ummm hi, It's Jazz." I try hoping to fuck he remembers me cause I don't remember him.

"Jazz?" the voice asked confused.

I pound my hand on the steering wheel. "Take it you don't remember me."

"No but I have your number on my arm." The voice frowns.

"So we have something in common." I laugh humorlessly. There's silence on the other end. "Look man I've never been this shit faced and well my doctor buddy thinks we got drugged."

"Could explain why I remember jackshit." The guy grumbles.

"Want to meet up see if we can figure out any of this?" I offer.

The mystery continues to grow when Jasper meets E at a coffee shop. As they talk, they find a few more  surprises that neither one saw coming.

The first…E woke up with the same bling as Jasper.

And second… well let’s just say, they found an extra piece of bling that neither one ever expected.

Jasper and E will work together to figure out what happened to them the night before and who was behind it. Question is…do they really want to know?


Upsidedownntwisted brings the mystery and really gives our boys something to think about as they find their answers. This is the beginning of a very interesting story and I, for one, can’t wait to see where this one goes. Go and check out this story and leave our great author some love. Until next time…much love – D

Y’all remember the Slash/Backslash 3.0 contest, right? Sure you do. Did you happen to catch Annalund’s Come Hither? No? Well, I’m here to rectify that matter post haste. It’s a fairly short story, told in a way I don’t think I’ve ever come across before. It’s about Edward and Jasper, but not told from either POV. And it works.

There is a small shaft of light hitting the wall above the staircase. Their bedroom door is only almost closed, but not closed enough to muffle the sounds coming from the second floor. I sit down on the bottom step of the stairs, leaning my head against the lowest rung of the banister. I am in my boxers, because this night is hot as all fuck, and I am boiling here. I'd like to go upstairs to them, but I'm afraid I might actually see.

I have imagined the scene so many times, written it a hundred more, and read about it so many it's plain ridiculous. But to actually see it happening? It just might be too much for my heart to handle. Yeah, who am I kidding? My heart is most probably not the part that would be going into overload.

These two boys have lived in my house for almost a year now. One day they showed up at my door, explaining that they had nowhere to go, and there I was, recently out of work, and with almost no way to make a living. So, I rented out the rooms on my upper floor to them, and moved myself—and most of my life—into the basement. We all meet on the ground floor, where my computer is, and where we watch movies and have our meals. They are a riot. They have completely changed my life.

Just how life changes for our mystery POV (and it really is a mystery POV), you’ll have to read for yourselves. You might be surprised by the answer. If you’d rather not read on fanfiction.net, she can be found on A03 here.


There you have it, folks. Two great stories for you to sink your teeth into. Check back next week to see what Connie and MizzDee have in store for you. In the mean time, be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love.

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