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Tuesday's Best 6-12-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope you've all had a good start of your day. If you're ready for a little reading break, Connie and I have just the thing for you. So pull up a chair and lets get to it, shall we?

Here I am, on the plane on my way home from Vegas. Girls, it was amazing!

The TwiFic Meet Up was so much fun. And even though I am exhausted it was totally worth it. Girls from all over the world Brazil, Australia, UK, US and me from Argentina. We talked about fanfiction, slash, smut and everything we like about Twilight and the characters we love. Great times indeed.

So, enough with my rambles and on to today's story This Old House by TrueEnglishRose.

"Nestled in the forest just fifty miles from here, is Whitlock Manor. It was was built by William Whitlock himself. In its day; it was a beautiful example of a true family home. Today it stands in ruins, but there is a bright side. The land has been given permission to have the main house demolished and in its place, one hundred and twenty luxury homes built…"

Jasper takes part in the auction of an old Manor House, and even when he knows he is not supposed to buy blind he has a reason for it.

Ok, so not the smartest move in the world, buying blind, but like I said, I didn't give a shit. The manor had been built by my Great, Great Granddad in eighteen fifty three when he turned forty. Up until then, he'd just owned the land and had a little cabin with his wife and kids, seven of them in fact.

Jasper feels that the Manor House should be part of the family, even after passing from hand to hand over the last several years. He has a vision for that house and it´s to get it fixed and back to the family it belonged to all along.

It felt like it took me forever to drive down the three mile driveway. It was extremely bumpy and severely overgrown, but once I pulled up to the dilapidated house, I smiled.
This was it.
Yes, it was decaying.
Yes, it was broken.
Yes, it needed one hell of a lot of care.
But it was mine.

With Emmett as head of the work troop they set to rebuild the old house the next day. There is a weird feeling about the house - Jasper feels like someone is watching him- but decides to ignore it until it is presented in front of him.

Emmett and myself were in the kitchen when there was a disturbance coming from the entrance hall.
“Please! Please let me go!" the pleading whimpers broke through our conversation and we both ran out of the room.
Once in the entrance hall, I saw Mike raise his hand to a mound of rags on the floor.
"Mike!" Emmett shouted at him as I walked towards him.
"Please, please let me go." The rags started to shake and whispered an almost silent plea.
"I found the bastard hauled up in the basement. It looks like he made a pretty good home for himself down there." Mike spat out as Emmett pulled him out of the hall.
"What's your name?" I asked. No doubt this was a child who thought it was good to play house in my house. That didn't impress me.
This was my home and I wouldn't have anyone here uninvited.
I gasped loudly as the owner of the rags looked up to me. I didn't take anything in except two things.
One, he was not a child.
Two, he had to most vivid green eyes I'd ever seen.

The homeless guy is not what they think he is and with Rose´s help they get to know the boy behind the rags.

"His name is Edward Masen and he was born in Chicago. He turned twenty in June, his mother died when he was seven and his alcoholic and abusive father kicked him out of the house when he was fifteen. For the last five years he's been wandering the streets and then about six months ago he came across the manor. He walks into town at least once a week when it's dark and goes through people's trash to get food and clothes. He loves music and reading, but he lost his glasses quite a while ago and hasn't been able to read properly since."

My heart broke for Edward, he is a very shy, naive boy; who´s scared of his surroundings and the people that are claiming the only place he can call home. But there is also a secret to Edward´s behavior, the downcast eyes, the apologizing and the way he keeps calling Jasper Sir.

I think we can all guess where this is going but it is good to see TrueEnglishRose reveal little bits of information here and there.

I have a soft spot for Edward in This Old House I think the author is building up the relationship between the main characters without rushing it.

There is one thing I should warn you about, due to the current situation around Fanfiction.net TOS the author has decided to move her story to TWCS I hope you all have access to the site. If not, it will only take you 3 minutes to get a new account and it will be worth it, not just for this story but for you all in case other favorites get moved to TWCS in the near future.

There you have it darlings, another heart clenching story for you to enjoy. Remember to leave some love for the author while you are reading.

See you all next time.



What would you do if you woke up in a place that wasn’t your home, only to find out that the “night before” was really years ago, and you’ve lost everything that really mattered without even knowing it? That’s what Edward’s faced with in Too Much, a collab by Kitty Cullen-03 & tiffaninichole that they wrote for the Two Heads Is Better Than One contest a while back.

Jasper, Edward’s best friend, is there when Edward wakes up and is the unfortunate harbinger of bad news.

Of course, that can’t be all there is to that, now can it? You’re absolutely right.

"We graduated. Years ago. Um... you're married now."

I was dizzy, the room was spinning and I closed my eyes to stop it. What the hell was going on? Married? What the fuck? My throat felt constricted. I couldn't breathe.

"Her name is Rosalie Hale-Masen." He continued. "You met her a few months after graduation at a Barnes & Noble."

Rosalie Hale-Masen. She hyphenated?

"Wait a minute—where is she? Why isn't she here?" Maybe she was using the bathroom or getting a cup of coffee or something.

His eyes darkened before he quickly covered the slip with a cool mask of indifference. "She figured you wouldn't be waking up any time soon, so she, uh... went to a salon to get her hair highlighted."

My mouth fell open as I processed his words.


Is all as it seems? You’ll have to read to find out.


There you have it, folks. Two great stories to sink your teeth into. Check back next week to see what MizzDee and I have in store for you then. In the mean time, be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love.

As Connie mentioned above, there's been quite the to-do with fanfiction.net. Quite a few of our favorite authors either have had stories pulled, or are taking them down themselves and moving them to other sites. In the hopes of helping you as readers find where your authors might have gone to, we've compiled a list of various fanfiction publishing sites. You can find them on the right, below the lists of previously recc'ed stories.

And lastly, there are still three days to enter
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