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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, September 10th!

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Bunny Ranch
by SassyGeminiMom

Workaholic and Vegas strip club owner, Isabella Swan gets hot and bothered after interviewing a new stripper. How can she release the strain on her libido? AU/AH/OOC/BxA/ Femslash


Val, aka The Master:

First, congratulations to SassyGeminiMom for winning our inaugural TwiSlash Unveiled slash fanfiction contest with her story “Bunny Ranch.” Second, thank you to everyone who read the entries and voted in the contest, your effort and time is greatly appreciated by all of the staff. As part of the prize for first place, we are reviewing “Bunny Ranch” for this week’s Read, Rate and Review. In order to validate the contest entries, Donna and I divided up the entries to read-this was not on my list so, when I sat down, I was eager to read the first place winner.

“Bunny Ranch” focuses on Bella, the owner of a high class and well established strip club and escort service in Las Vegas. Of course, I found the hottest part of this one-shot to be when she interviewed Jasper for a position as a stripper/escort. Not only did we get some lovely southern Jasper charm, but he is described in the most delicious of details. As much I would have liked to have seen things progress between them, I had to keep reminding myself this was a femme slash fic, not Jasper/Bella.

Alice is Bella’s assistant, roommate and best friend. While they are not current lovers, they are former lovers, having experimented in college (and who of us hasn’t, right?). Alice is Bella’s right hand man, so to speak, helping her out in all aspects of their careers, including providing the necessary distraction for Bella while she is interviewing Jasper by sending her instant messages, including nude images from Jasper’s portfolio. Being a wonderful friend also means knowing when to offer a hug. After the interview, Bella is particularly stressed and Alice offers her a comforting hug, which leads to some very sour lemons and declarations.

While I admit, femme slash is not my thing, I enjoyed this story for the friendship (and hot Jasper) factor alone. The lemons were definitely sour and detailed and anyone enjoying femme slash will definitely need some extra undies after reading this fic.

Again, congratulations to SassyGeminiMom for her win; and everyone else open up word and write us your best poly fics for our next contest! I look forward to seeing those entries!


Donna aka Whitlock's Girl

It's not the first time I've envied Isabella Marie Swan and I'm sure it won't be the last. In Bunny Ranch, she has it all. She's successful and surrounded by people that care for her. Petite, sexy Alice as a roommate, best friend and assistant. Hot, gay Emmett (no gay Emm sex for those of you that won't go there) as a best friend and yet another assistant. Tall, confident, slightly cocky Jasper “Whitcock” Whitlock as a new employee and the enigma that is Edward Cullen.

So, what's missing?


One year, three months and twelve days.

That's a helluva fucking dry spell and Bella's feeling the heat and not just the Vegas heat either. She spends her days surrounded by hot men and women and as a bisexual woman she's in sex heaven, but she's too busy to take advantage and refuses to cross that line. She, unlike some of her competitors, takes care of her employees, giving them a well paying, safe work environment and a place that many are able to use as a stepping stone towards their real dreams and their happily ever afters.

This story is just that - it's a story, a very short story and is exactly what I was looking to find when TwiSlash Unveiled unveiled this series of contests. I didn't want just smut or just a one-shot. I wanted a story. I wanted something that leaves you panting and begging for more and SassyGeminiMom has provided it in Bunny Ranch.

I would love for her to continue it. I can see more Alice and Bella sex – which is some of the hottest girl on girl action I've ever read and makes me want to use it as inspiration for the future – but I can also see some Jasper and Bella action. Some Alice/Bella/Jasper action and as comfortable as Jasper was standing naked in front of Emmett – who was perusing the fine piece of Southern nakedness in front of him – I can even see some Emmett and Jasper action. (And y'all know how much I like me some Gay Emmett.)

Then there's Edward Cullen to attend to. Is he straight? Is he bi or gay? One can't be sure, so it leaves even more unanswered questions floating around.

Bunny Ranch is a must read, must add story. If you haven't read it yet you need to. SassyGeminiMom has posted the story on her profile. Go give her some love.


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