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Tuesday's Best~August 31st

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. The Master and I are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Pick of the Week...

by Lipsmacked

Secrets. Our lives are filled with them. We tell little white lies to cover our asses with the spouse, the boss or our parents. We withhold the truth and sometimes we pretend we're chameleons to blend in and go unnoticed. However, when you're a gay person trying to live a "normal" life, refusing to allow your sexual orientation to be known or to define you, how far do you go to protect your secret and mask the closet door?

In Lipsmack's one shot, "Tight End", you find out. Enter Emmett McCarty. The star Tight End for the Dallas Cowboys. Emmett came out to his sister Alice and their parents at the ripe old age of fourteen and ever since he and his entire family has strived to protect his secret. Not wanting his sexuality to hinder him as an athlete, Emmett tells his family of his plans to live his life from inside a closet. And he does so, quite well actually. Especially, with the cunning Alice around to help. Throughout the years she's helped him hide in the closet. How? By providing her big brother with "girlfriends" - arm candy to cover up the fact that her big brother is staring at the "tight end" of not his date but the hot hunk across the room.

So, what happens to Emmett and his closet when he meets the tall, long haired, Native American, muscled and tatted up Jake? Well, HOT MAN LOVIN' is what happens.

Seriously, though, it looks like Lips was keeping a secret from us all this time. Not only can she write some of the hottest girl on girl action there is, but she's got the guys covered as well. Go read and review and grab your towel on the way.


The Master brings you...

by EFC

First love-they stick with you for your entire life, you never forget them, even after marriage, children, and careers. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to have our first love be our forever love and …sometimes, not so lucky. Sometimes that first love is your forever love, but is lost even before there is a chance for it to be explored, grow and flourish; leaving a void in your heart that is never quite filled by anyone else. Oh, you can pretend to love another, set up house and go about your daily routine, but it is always there, that nagging question of…”What if…”

“Love Between the Sexes” by EFC explores that very complex concept of first love left unexplored-or rather, left after only a teasing of exploring. Hesitant kisses leading to certain kisses and grouping, only to have to stop and never be returned to. Now imagine this love is forbidden, not widely accepted, making it that much more difficult to explore without fear. To be on the cusp of something so fantastic and new and passionate, only to not be continued, must be one of the most frustrating experiences. I compare it to being so close to orgasm, but then not falling over that edge and into momentary bliss. Imagine spending a lifetime sitting that edge, waiting to fall but never quite able to.

Edward is married, has 2.5 kids, beautiful house with picket fence, great career. He is living the American dream…or is he? While on the outside, his life might seem perfect, behind those closed doors, Edward’s life is anything but perfect. His wife is not happy, suffering at home with their young children while Edward works, also feeling unattractive in her post-baby body (been there, done that). It has been fifteen months since the last time they had sex, and Edward has a permanent case of blue balls, but no matter how many colleagues encouraged him to have an affair, he remains loyal to his wife; never having the desire to fuck another woman. Resentment builds; creating a void between them that only grows more with each new day-especially when Edward takes a trip to Chicago to his alma mata, and to meet up with his college buddies-including Jasper Whitlock, whom, he hasn’t seen in five years.

Eight years prior, Edward and Jasper were college roommates who were on that cusp of exploring what could be between them only to be forced to stop due to the worst timing ever. After that one night, they were forced to go their separate ways, Edward leaving for an internship in New York. What happens when you feel something so passionate, so life changing, but only for a moment in time; once that moment has passed; there is not another chance? This is story about that very thing-when life gives Edward and Jasper a second chance at that passionate moment-will things change, will they get to fulfill the moment they have desired for so long? Or will the loyalties of Edward to his wife and children call him back to reality, leaving him once again lonely, heartbroken and with blue balls.

While I am not a huge fan of cheating in fics-the last one I read went south damn fast-I am intrigued to see where this story heads, what decision Edward will make if faced with the option of having something more with Jasper-something he wanted so desperately eight years ago. There have been no full lemons yet, but a few limes that were sour with sexiness-two different girls mutually satisfying Edward and Jasper while they watched each other; Jasper’s moan when he cums being the catalyst to push Edward over his edge.



EFC predicts this story to only be about six chapters, long enough to cover the days in Chicago-so go read, see what, or who, Edward chooses and leave EFC some lovin’ reviews if you enjoy it.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel. If not, don't send us the dry cleaning bill, we warned you.


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Subtle Pen said...

Tight End was wonderful! a perfectly tasty little one-shot. i read all of LBTS on my lunch hour, and hated to see she only plans 5-6 chaps. the lusty tension between ExJ is fuckhawt... and you just feel sooo bad for poor black-balled E with his postpartem angst at home, although i hate to condone cheating, i kinda don't care if i get to read such hotness. i can identify w/ E's wife tho. been there, done that, complete with the 15-month (or longer) dry spell. *sigh* great recs today!! (as always!)