Monday, September 28, 2009

Slash Author Guest Rec - Lipsmacked

Echos of You
by Rosalee Lorraine
14 easy breezy chapters

I must start off by saying just how shocked and flattered I was when Trish asked me to recommend a fic for this magical blog. I spend most of my days hoping that no one is actually listening to the ridiculous shit I say.

I don't read as much fic as I would like, but I instantly knew which story I wanted to share with other readers, Echos of You by Rosalee Lorrainee. I love Edward as much as the next the girl or guy, but I've been an Emmett girl from the very beginning. I just love me a big man and Rosalee just does Emmett so well.

One thing I have to mention is that I am NOT a fan of slash fics where the leading "men" are over emotional women with penises. Don't get me wrong, I am always down for a flaming gay, but I prefer them with my shopping and a quality chick flick. Nothing turns me off more than smut with a weepy Jasper or an Edward who has clearly missed his period. If was want two read about to chicks getting it on, there are other femslash fics I'd rather cuddle up with. That little pet peeve is what kept me reading Rosalee's stories. I love her men because they are indeed MEN.

I first came across her Emmett in her one shot Ten Minutes. An obvious top, her Emmett captures the characteristics of the Emmett from the books. He's sweet and macho, but not necessarily the most perceptive when it comes to people's feelings. After reading Ten Minutes and rubbing myself raw I was more than jazzed to jump into one of her few multi-chapter, Emmett fics, Echos Of You.

After a crippling blow to the head during a boxing match, Emmett wakes from a coma with no knowledge of himself, his sexuality or his long time boyfriend, Jasper. Rosalee effectively captures Jasper's frustration and mounting desire to get the love of his life back, while still keeping his manhood and likable personality intact. I feel didn't overwhelmed by chapters loaded with angst, but instead came away with a strong sense of just how much Jasper cares for Emmett and how hard being a good friend can be.

And most importantly -- the smut is down right delicious. Rosalee has a kickass way of illustrating intense sensations through every kiss, caress and manly thrust. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back and reread this story. The writing in clear and to the point. Rosalee doesn't bog the chapters down with pointless details simply to add to her word count, instead choosing to focus on Jasper's struggles with Emmett's frustrating behavior..

It's a great not to mention, hot story. I'm excited for her next one.

ps i find it a little unnerving how wall she writes man-sex but i love her for it


Clair said...

YAY! Rosalee Lorraine is one of my fav. slash authors! Echos of you is such an awesome story. Im so happy to see some of her work rec'd. All of her stories are wonderful. She has a f*ckton of smoking hot O/S's and two other multi chaper fics that own me.

Anonymous said...

One of the few Em slash fics I've read and absolutely LOVED. Both characters aren't stereotypical and have amazing fleshed out profiles that within the story arc you can't help but both love and be angry at depending on the mood of Rosalee Lorraine's writing. She's BRILLIANT!

Wont2nach said...

I totally love Emmett and went looking for this story. Could not find the story or writer anywhere. Do you know where it is located now? Thanks.